white & green soup ~ zuppa bianca verde

This is soo deli, you should try it, literally mouthlicking with… mpppa (~~~> sweet mouth sound of satisfaction after eating).

Boil spaghetti and when they re tender start adding other ingredients: chunks of scallion, pak choy leaves in stripes, half zucchino in stripes, paprika, a pinch of dill. Then fish soup and a dash of whipped cream. Let the greens become tender and serve it hot topped with fresh spring onion sprinkled.

Vi innamorerete di questa zuppa cosi semplice e gustosa. Poche verdure fresche e qualche spezia, spaghetti et voila! Come si fa: Bollite gli spaghi e quando sono teneri nella stessa acqua di cottura aggiungete a mano a mano pak choy in striscette,  mezza zucchina in strisce, paprika, un pizzico di aneto. Poi salsa di pesce (fish sauce dal thai shop), un po di crema da cucina per dare il colore bianco. Quando le verdure sono tenere, servire calda con erba cipollina fresca in cima.

Let’s celebrate with it Presto Pasta Nights #152 the 3 years old event hosted now by Italian mama chef and created by Ruth. Enjoy it ladies 🙂


3 thoughts on “white & green soup ~ zuppa bianca verde

  1. What a perfect looking soup for damp, dreary, grey days of Winter we’re experiencing here in Halifax Nova Scotia. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

    Next week, PPN will be three years old! I do hope you’re planning on sharing another tasty treat.

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