parantha step

Trying and trying since my frend madhurima in vancouver treated us with awsome ones ~ last weekend gave more trials with neelam and alone in my kitchen lab. but madhurimas were so special and cannot be replicated so easily! ~~~> not too thin + soft + great filling of potatos aloo + just few spices = seems just perfect. Here s a personal trial filled with onion, fenugreek herb, a grated white root, chili & topped with butter as u can clearly notice.

parantha tips:

  • when making the balls drop lil oil in your hand at the beginning
  • keep the flour in a plate or container on one side to drop in the ball before rollin it
  • in the pan drop very lil oil at times whiel cooking paranthas
  • beat paranthas gently in the pan all around with a wooden spoon during the cooking process
  • turn paranthas several times in the pan
  • keep it warm or serve very warm

le pizzette parantha di origine indiana ~ un cibo prettamente invernale per i mesi freddi. ripiene di patate schiacciate oppure verdure grattugiate  e spezie. per una parantha mediterranea il pure di patate si puo mescolare con basilico e prezzemolo freschi e pepe che ne dite?

parantha tips:

  • usare solo farina di grano e acqua
  • incominciare a fare le palline con un po di olio nella mano per far scivolare meglio la massa e formarla
  • picchiettare tuttintorno  la paranta nella padella antiaderente con un mestolo di legno rigirarla piu volte
  • aggiungere pochissimo oilo durante la cottura o spalmarlo con un cucchiaio direttamente sulla parantha


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