Chinese spinach in almond butter soup

the easy soup with a vegan soul to warm up and ironize your body. To soften and nourish your skin with the purity of the almonds.

  • Wash the chinese spinach and roughly cut them.
  • Golden up a mince of ginger and garlic in vegetable oil
  • Spoon in a nice quantity of crunchy  almond butter
  • Stir, add few cherry tomatoes and the spices yu like most
  • add boiled water
  • stir and check it out until vegetable is tender
  • serve warm~

Going to the new mounthy mingle created by Meeta in Deutschland~

Dopo aver dorato aglio e zenzero nell olio aggiungere un bel cucchiaio di croccante burro di mandorle, quindi gli spinaci e le spezie che vi piacciono. Girare ed aggungere acqua bolente. Attendere fin quando gli spinaci sono teneri e la zuppa formata. servire calda~


2 thoughts on “Chinese spinach in almond butter soup

  1. I love this kind of clear and simple chinese soup, and not with heavy cream! Radha, you’re lucky bcoz you’re staying in HK! Lots of fasinating food all around town. Happy Holiday to you & your family! Have fun…. for Christmas shoping!

  2. so when you cme to HK give me a blog-ring, we can have some nice time together 🙂 …never know…

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