Green tea noodles soup with apple ~ Noodle al te verde in zuppa con mela

Lovely soup, totally worth to try, indicated also for a special evening occasion when the temperature outside drops a little bit ~ Enjoy it !


  • chicken legs thinly sliced pieces
  • handfull of chinese spinach
  • 1 big chinese mushroom
  • green tea organic noodles
  • 1 red apple in small cubes, no skin
  • haldi
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • alot of minced ginger nd garlic
  • small stone of honey rock (replace with honey)
  • olive oil,  2 spoons

Some of these ingredients are not easily collectable everywhere (but can be replaced naturally). For example :

HOW TO DO: In olive oil stir the minced ginger nd garlic, add the chicken and later the veggies, finally all the spices and everything else. Stir and add a couple of liters of boiling water.  Should boil on low medium flame at least half our, add the noodles until they soften. Serve the delicious soup. Green tea noodles are very tasty and lucky lucky who can try them. The apple will not give a decisive flavour overall but the mouthfuls with the fruit in it are just lovely to the palate; it is the right fruit for this soup combination ~

Cooked for the event Weekend wokking hosted by Momgateway and created by Wandering chopsticks~

Try this soup Kristy and thank you for the creative award, your blog makes me smile a lot and it’s a real blog of sweetness:

the 7 random things about radha coming with  the award:

  • she is wearing red cat frame glasses
  • she enjoys writing stuff for freemeditation
  • she lives in front of the sea
  • she makes silver earrings
  • she loves Penang in Malaysia
  • she enjoys looking at the sky and photograph it

the award keeps rolling around to other 7 bloggers with a seriously creative site:  Graziana, Meeta, Mary, Zlamushka, Vaishali, you and you. 🙂

                                                                ~ ! ~

noodle al te verde sono la scoperta piu nuova. Ottimi e digeribili semplicemente bolliti per i bambini che cominciano a mettere i dentini e vogliono cominciare  a masticare qualcosa di delizioso, sobrio e nutriente al contempo. In questa ricetta accompanati da:

  • straccetti di pollo
  • spinaci
  • un grosso fungo
  • pesto di aglio e zenzero
  • curcuma 1 pizzico
  • 1 mela a cubetti (no buccia)
  • pepe,sale,olio

COME FARE: Partire con il pesto in olio,poi aggiungere in ordine pollo, spinaci, fungo a pezzetti, le spezie…far insaporire e girare col mestolo, versare un paiod i litri di acqua che bolle, far cuocere per almeno 20 minuti, poi aggiungere i noodles finquando sono morbidi. Servire la zuppa calda 🙂



3 thoughts on “Green tea noodles soup with apple ~ Noodle al te verde in zuppa con mela

  1. You’re most welcome, Radha! Actually, I’ve another appreciation award for you. Remember to drop by and grab home the batch. Thank you so much. I’m truly enjoy having you as a friend though we don’t chat very often. I hope we’ll stay in touch as often as we can in future. Cheers.

  2. i also love to have you as friend although we dont chat so often. i am not a superregular blogger but enjoy doing it anyway ~ lots of cheers,r

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