Pasta del piennulo

Nowadays everybody know everything about pasta realm, each and every secret of this multishape versatile ingredient has been revealed, told and blogged about.But do you know the secret of the piennulo? i am not so sure about that. Piennulo is an amazing lovely napolitan dialectal expression to indicate the cherry tomatoes put to dry hanging in a bunch (=piennulo) tied up with a rope or few strong threads of straw in a repaired outdoor corner. I grew up among indoor or outdoor red piennuli. The color of the whole bunch of tomatoes is almost never the same, it depends from which kind of soil they come from, how much sun they do catch, their flavour also changes because of the environmental and weather conditions, if they are drying in a countryside spot or on the seaside. I was always lucky to taste a lot of varieties of piennuli in my Mediterranean homeisland. today in Hong Kong the piennuli do not exist and i play with simple boxes of cherry tomatoes, but the cooking method is the same learned from grammas, aunties, mamy and co. Here it is:

  1. Cut all the tomatoes in halves
  2. Golden up three garlic cloves in olive oil
  3. Lower the flame and place each half facing downward


4.  Let them becoming almost translucent while sucking the galrickey oil (10 minuts at least)

5. Sprinkle with salt

6. Smash them manually with a fork or anything useful.


7. Drain the fav pasta apart and stir it in the just formed tomato sauce.


8. Let me know how it taste 😉

ps: this unusual version comes with poppy seeds splattered at the beginning together with garlic ~

Ah! the perfect enrty for another PrestPastaNight! This time hosted by Kait at Pots and Plots ~ Enjoy Ladies 🙂


Gia lo conoscete il metodo della pasta del piennolo vero? basta tagliare i pomodorini a meta’ e farli rosolare per almeno 10 minuti in olio bollente con aglio dorato. i pomodorini assorbiranno tutto il sapore e lo sprigioneranno quando vengono schiacciati con una forchetta nella stessa padella. Mescolare con la pasta scolata calda e servire. I piennuli sono i grappoloni di pomodorini che seccano appesi all`aperto o in ambiente ventilato. Il loro sapore e colore cambia con l’ambiente e il suolo in cui crescono. Sono deliziosi & versatili! 😉


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