First juice is out and is really green

Now we have the juicer, she’s lovely and powerful, a new interesting decoration in the living room.


The first juice is out, greener than the grass, see the 5 ingredients here:


  • lots of apples
  • 1kiwi
  • 1 mangostene
  • a small piece of loofa
  • a very small piece of ginger


The fun has begun, we are only at the intro chapter. Now we can enjoy wonderful home made juices and relax in the purity of vitamins, minerals and environment. I want to learn more about the combination of fruits and vegetables though. To the next!


Finalmente e’ arrivata la nuova macchina succhi fatti in casa. Il primo succo e’ fuori, verde piu dell’erba,ricco di vitamine e sali puri in sintonia con l’ambiente. La foto in alto infatti e’ stata scattata dal balcone. Gli ingredienti:

tante mele,1 kiwi, 1 anon, 1 pezzetto di loofa, 1 pezzetto di ginger.

Al prossimo succo !!


3 thoughts on “First juice is out and is really green

  1. wow….I’m so glad you’ve got the juicer. I’m always excited when someone gets a juicer and starts juicing. That’s such a great investment to your health. Hope you read up more on juicing for a proper combination that’s friendly to your system. Generally we don’t combine fruits and vegetables together, except apples, for easy absorption. Keep juicing.

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