Steamed mooncake by creative Kristygourmet


And here they are dear Kristy & Angie, thank you for this easy method, it was real fun. 🙂 Three dough flavours:  macha tea, dark cocoa, fine cinnamon. The filling: black sesame paste (next time should add double spoon) and pistachio nut. Made about 15 pieces which we had for Diwali celebration the day after ~ Wonderful!







This below was the first trial, it’s chilled not steamed and the result not so good cause of too much filling (it’s bursting out) and the dough not very compact!




I want to try the bagels and the Turkish delight from kristygourmet soon ~


3 thoughts on “Steamed mooncake by creative Kristygourmet

  1. Oh Radha, you’re unbelieveable! But one thing I’m not clear you make the mould out before steaming? But anyway, they look gorgeous. Yeah, I know I’m a bit late. Too many things going on. So sorry! I’ll check out what I’ve mised out. Cheers.

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