Potato&Avocado ~ Patate&Avocado

A side dish very simple nd nutritive for your liver and skin. The liver is the center of out attention, people and children with disturbed attention do not know how to take care of the nourishment for their liver. Nowaday it is ver very difficult to find people with a steady wonderful pure attention because in the modern society there is too much chaos and people get easily distracted by unuseless stuff. that is how the liver suffer and the brain suffer. Infact as we all know the liver is the only important organ which supports the brain with the needed food. I’ll post more about the liver and how to love it properly.

Steamed potato and fresh sliced avocado dressed with a pinch of salt and a Spoon olive oil makes this:


un contorno semplice e nutritivo per il fegato e la pelle. Il fegato gioca un ruolo basilare nellanostra attenzione perche e’ il centro dell’attenzione. Le persone e i bambini con un attenzione disturbata non sanno come amare il proprio fegato col giusto nutrimento. Al giorno d’oggi ci sono troppe distrazioni intorno ed e’ superdifficile trovare persone con un attenzione sana, equilibrata, squisita, ferma e solida. seguiranno altri post sul fegato e come prendersene cura.

una patata al vapore, un avocado fresco a fettine, un pizzico di sale e olio d’oliva per il contorno delizioso. 

this is going to Souper_Sundays2 at Debi in Hawai


2 thoughts on “Potato&Avocado ~ Patate&Avocado

  1. Talking about avocado, it’s like driving crazy! I’ve never eat avocado before, so I wanted to go for a try. Then I’ve no idea how to choose the fruit but I still bought it. The fruit was so hard. I can’t even scoop it out. Well, I guess it’s not ripe enough to eat. Then, I cut off the skin and cubed them in small pieces. OMG, it tasted so horrible!(I threw out the whole thing) I wanted to know what is the actual taste supposed to be like??

    • Give it another try please ~ it is very healthy ~ it must be soft to slice it easily. if it s too hard you can roll i and close it up in a paper bag (brown like) and it will ripe in little time, otherwise choose directly the softest ones at the market. There are lots of things u can make, even a delicious creamylike juice with little condensed milk! to understand teh flavor try a slice plane or with salt and oil mixed with tomatos and basil for example.

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