Weekend wokking: Vermicelli and colors of veggies ~ Vermicelli a colori

If you live in a side of the world where it is getting cold, windy and Autumn is really pushin in then this is a good meal for you because  it will give you some hotness inside. For us in HK it is just okey, not too bad because now the temperature is slightly dropping but it’s not cold at all.


These were Pumpkin vermicelli from Taiwan, the ingredients on the package call for pumpkin, rice flour, cornstarch. It’s good to leave in cold water for at least 10 minuts to soften before moving them to the wok with the other veg. In the meantime how to do:

  • 1 ripe tomato in small cubes
  • 1 lotus root in cubes
  • a nice bunch of  choy sam or spinach well washed, drained and cut in stripes
  • half cabbage cut in stripes/julienne
  • base: vegetable oil, salt, half onion, chili, coriander in powder, bay leave
  • 1 Tsp sesame oil

Stirfry the base in the wok, then add tomato, then lotus root. Stir well, the tomato will  make everything quite creamy and bubbling. Then add the green veg and keep stirring. Add lil water. Vermicelli should be soft enough at this point, drain and add them into the wok. A little more water is needed : vermicelli should be 70% covered with liquid. Stir while they cook, add cabbage and keep stirring until they are ready and tender. A little sesame oil to add some flavor. Lotus root gives some crunch to this savory dish. Serve hot nd buon appetito!


This is going to Weekend Wokking (cabbage) hosted by Graziana @ Erbeincucina!


I vermicelli cinesi venduti in matasse rigide e vanno ammorbiditi in acqua fredda per almeno 10 minuti prima di essere trasferiti al wok col condimento che li aspetta:

  • 1 pomodoro a cubetti
  • 1 radice di loto a cubetti
  • 1 mazzo di spinaci a striscette
  • mezzo cavolo viola a striscette
  • base: olio vegetale, sale, polvere profumata di cardamomo, chili, bay leaf, mezza cipolla
  • spruzzata olio di sesamo

Soffriggere la base partendo dalla cipolla e poi gli altri ingredienti.  Da questo momento mescolare di tanto in tanto velocemente (e’ la regola del wok!), aggiungere un po d’acqua se e’ il caso. Aggiungere gradatamente e sempre mescolando:  il pomodoro, poi  la radice, poi gli spinaci, poi i vermicelli, coprire con un po d’acqua. Infine il cavolo, mescolare, spruzzare con olio di sesamo e servire caldo.


6 thoughts on “Weekend wokking: Vermicelli and colors of veggies ~ Vermicelli a colori

  1. Radha, I thought this dish looks very pretty. The shredded purple cabbage I think has done the trick. I love rice vermicelli. Sometimes I make it vegetarian and sometimes I add some sliced chicken to it.

  2. Looks lovely with all those colours! Do you want to try something else with the vermicelli? OK then you go to my blog and check for vermicelli. And you dig into the fried vermicelli with seafood recipe. I think you’ll like that!

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