Spaghetti soup with loofa, hugebeans & unripe papaya~zuppa di spaghi con loofa, enormi fagioli & papaya acerba

The shopping bag today is filled with a couple of special veg: loofa and this genre of beans which i saw for the first time ever (= this is Hong Kong, you come home with something …that you dont know):


Contempling the three vegetables for a while and voila’ the soup was creating immediately after.


how to make it:

Wait for a spoon of mustard seeds to splatter up in a couple of spoons of corn oil with grounded fresh garlic and ginger, then add the three veggies in chunks, stir and let them cook until tender. Add boiled water, salt and spaghetti, let the pasta cook until tenderness desired. Serve the soup topped with cilantro and sesame oil.


 Una zuppa creativa assemblata con le prime tre verdure capitate  a tiro!!

Dorare aglio e zenzero grattugiati in un paio di cucchiai di olio e far scoppiare una manciata di semi di mostarda. Aggiungere le verdure a pezzetti e mescolare fin quando sono abbastanza tenere. Versare acqua bollente, sale e gli spaghetti. Farli cuocere e servire infine la zuppa con un cucchiaio di olio di sesamo e coriandolo fresco.


This is going to Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Abby of Eat The Right Stuff.



13 thoughts on “Spaghetti soup with loofa, hugebeans & unripe papaya~zuppa di spaghi con loofa, enormi fagioli & papaya acerba

  1. I love loofah especially fried it with eggs. I notice that you did not peel of the skin of the loofah. I always peel it off cos it spoils the taste. I peel it first with a peeler and then slice it. We used to plant a lot when we were young. It also very nice to make soup with it.

    • Hi abby, loofa tastes quite normal, it has a certain plant flavour, especially after scratching the skin off, otherwise it would be a stronger flavour. But in this soup i used it all, the acidity of the skin must have fused with the other ingredients and by the water. It’s good to use it with other plants, herbs and not just alone.

  2. hi Joanne,nice to meet you, i was browsing your nice blog recently. here in this blog you’ ll be sure to find new veggies any moment cause in Hong Kong it’s like a festival of veggies everywhere with so many street markets ` glad you enjoy it! 🙂

  3. Loofa, we called it petola over here! But we don’t eat them with skin. I’ll normally use it in omelette or make soup.

    • Sometimes i keep the skin on, depending on how long it is going to cook. in this soup the loofa became superextra soft, so i guess it lost the uncomfortable skin flavour~:)

  4. What a gorgeous looking soup. I don’t think I’ll find loofa here in Halifax…the only kind I ever see is the big dried sponges used to exfoliate my dry skin 😉

    Thanks for sharing this with Presto Pasta Nights.

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