Quite prehistory of Chinese cuisine ~ Piuomeno preistoria della cucina cinese

How was your Moon festival? Everybody should know the real meaning of it, in one sentence it is the light of the human consciousness which arises and shines finally after having been in a latent state. A great meaning, universal and necessary for human evolution. But we also need food to evolve and that’s why we blog about it! Here s some interestingness during our downtown-old-district dinner to celebrate the Festival of Lanterns in Hong Kong. My mom-in-law is 72 and she loves traditional food (but also the modernitinesses i use to make) so we went traditional, very traditional. This is the food from her childhood when Hong kong was like a fisherman already advanced place.

1. Lets start with the steamed lots-of-eggs cake: spongy sweet delicacy of the house ~ Cominciamo con la prelibatezza della casa, la torta morbida multiuova al vapore


2. the starters are minisandwichs with liver and rosted pork with a veg in the middle ~ Seguita dallo starter: panini di fegato e maiale abbrustolito con una verdura tipo pastinaca (carota bianca?)


3. Fish Lips and veg ~ Labbra di pesce con verdure :


4. Octopus nd veg ~ polpo e verdure


5. Egg cassarole with octopus and other pieces of fish ~ cassarola di uova e pesce


So why do we use lotus flowers to decorate these brightful days? Because they represent the blossoming of the brain, the light of the human brain.



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