Tried and Tasted: pork patties & Vietnamese rolls ~ polpettine maiale e involtini da Vietnam


We love healthy bites hence we love VietNam. In this last couple of months i spent two long weekends in Ho Chi Minh enjoying great food each and every day, home made by a sweet local Auntie. I am already forecasting that Viet Nam will become another home for me now that living here in Asia. Moreover it’s so close to HK that we can plan a trip any moment and we are so happy and completely drenched in blessing for that. VietNam rocks and so its people. I also wrote an article about it here titled Three ways of blossoming in Ho Chi Minh.

The intro to say that it’s a delightful pleasure for me to venture into Vietnamise cookingstyle. Last nite we had a surprise visit from our lovely friends from Moscow. They could not have come in a better moment cause i was preparing the banh trang (rice paper) rolls and some other easy delicacies (like these minty potato balls for example) which entertained the four of us on a deep quite Hong Kong night in front of the ocean. Again total blessing ~~~~~~~~~~~~

But please enjoy this meaty snack.



We had nice fun assembling and rolling nem nuong & nem nuong cong . They are the first entry for Tried and Tasted: Wandering Chopsticks, hosted by Trupti’s Food Corner; the event was created by Zlamushka  ~



How were the patties? Juicy and savory, even the day after ( i am having the last roll in lunch box today). The rolls came out fantastic, we brought plenty of skin packs from HCM supermarket, so you will possibly see other roll-posts in the near future. The deep frying rolls were used in the filling as the recipe calls. Mint, lettuce and cilantro the green leaves. Some other tastiness on the list from Wandering chopsticks. Stay tuned and long life to Vietnamise food !


Il nostro amore per il cibo Vietnamita comincia a dare i suoi frutti dopo i due lunghi weekend in Ho Chi Minh dove ogni giorno era una sorpresa diversa e deliziosa. Prelibatezze genuine cucinate per noi da una zia del posto, anzi viene da Hanoi e ora lavora in HCM. E allora eccovi serviti degli involtini semplicissimi e gustosi che richiedono la “carta di riso” da farcire e arrotolare semplicemente con polpettine di maiale arrostite spezzettate + alcune foglie di insalata mista (menta lattuga coriandolo, quello che avete ma almeno due o tre ecc) + uno o due fogli di involtini fritti (no carta di riso in questo caso, ma quelli che si possono friggere). Le ultime foto di questo post vi aiuteranno nella preparazione. Quindi si ha bisogno di due tipi di fogli, uno per friggere e l’altro di riso per farcire.

Preparazione polpettine alla griglia o forno (almeno 40 minuti di cottura a 180 gradi)

  • 400g carne maiale macinata
  • mezza cipolla rossa puree
  • 2 cucchiaino zucchero
  • 1 cucch sale
  • 1 cucch pepe
  • 2 cucch succo di pesce
  • 6 spicchi di aglio tritati

081020095613mescolare bene tutto e incorporare un Cucch fecola di patate o di mais se le polpette non vengono abbastanza compatte. Infornare.


4 thoughts on “Tried and Tasted: pork patties & Vietnamese rolls ~ polpettine maiale e involtini da Vietnam

  1. radha, it’s amazing to see you have learned a lot of Asian food. Well done. I love Vietnamese spring rolls too. I’ve just made last week. I love those patties too.

  2. no, this is just the beginning i feel, need improvements in soups for example… Pls post some nice soup not too meaty…please… 🙂

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