Scenes from Vietnamese Kitchen ~ Scene di cucina Vietnamita

This is the kitchen where we eat in Ho Chi Minh: we use to go local and enjoy with friends. It is always the best way to understand people and places and ourselves of course, and we love to have always the best. This is luxury for us, not the five stars hotel every time we travel out of HK. 


La cucina in cui mangiamo quando andiamo in Viet Nam. Lusso e’ mangiare nella cucina dei nstri amici, non in albergo a 5 stelle. Gioiamo di piu ed e il modo piu lussuoso per capire gi altri, i posti nuovi e  se stessi ovviamente.


way of keeping the veg fresh before cooking or before adding them directly to the hot soup_come mantenere i veggi freschi prima di cucinarli o aggiungerli direttamente alla zuppa bollente.


here the soup! pure blessing for your nabhi (stomach) and blood cells. bamboo shots, grey noodles, chicken meat, lemon, mint, pepper, cabbage…so far what i can rememeber_ecco la zuppa! benedizione per il nabhi (stomaco) e le cellule sanguigne: radice di bamboo, noodle grigi, pollo, limone, menta, pepe, cavolo…gli ingredienti che ricordo..


how to cut a chicken in pieces_come fare un pollo a pezzi 


hub enjoyes it!_marito in estasi!


huge mooncake_ enorme mooncake









2 thoughts on “Scenes from Vietnamese Kitchen ~ Scene di cucina Vietnamita

  1. Hi Radha, thanks for stopping my blog by earlier. You have a very lovely blog with lots of food. Isn’t it great to stay in HK! I’m sure you enjoy staying there as well. Wonderful food all around even if you don’t cook….he he! May I know what is the thing in the last picture???

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