Where is this frut from

we are just back from a wonderful soft hearted place: the one where this frut is from. More entries about it and its tasty fresh food coming soon! Stay tuned ~:) And the frut is also soft hearted, will show you opened soon too.




2 thoughts on “Where is this frut from

  1. Radha, I’m so curious. It looks like a durian but then it doesn’t have all the big thorns so it can’t be durians. Is it jackfruit? I love durians and I love jackfruit too. You are very lucky to have all these lovely fruits there.

  2. Same family, it s name is “gom” there is no english translation. it s from viet nam, we discovered it at our local friends home in Ho Chi Minh last week. will put up pics of it opened. i also like durian and jackfruit especially jackfruit, all fruits are amazing and special

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