Sharkey realizations ~ Realizzazioni squalose


Last mounth another wedding banquet. This time a young sweet colleague got married and i enjoyed being there with all others. Chinese wedding menus are quite unique and people are very proud about these food. i am selective among all those dishes because want my stomach to keep its lightness and sense of satisfaction without exagerating. i like feeling joyous when eating and always try to choose the very best of the Chinese cuisine. To me very best means no dried, no old, not always fermented, no alcoholic, no strong smelley, not too viscid, not too hot (and some other not) ingredients. And automatically i am able to select whats good for my inner nourishment. i was able to break down Italian food conditionings easily (old parmisan, wine, mouldy gorgonzola & co…), so it is possible everywhere with any other food.

At this banquet when shark fin soup arrived i passed on it and…

  • one colleague: “why dont you like it? it’s not environmentally friendly?” (i loved his humor, a new way to ask “are you vegetarian”? It made me laugh con gusto! when i went home told this environmentally friend laugh to hubbie and we both laughed again).
  • me: no, i had it already yesterday for breakfast (ready made the day before from a downstairs store at 12 dollars).
  • all of us laughing
  • another colleague: wow luxury! all of us laughing
  • me: “yes you are right!” (here it’s HK no?)

Today by chance it’s the day of new realizations about sharks (and not only sharks) for me:

  • The fin soup may not be environmentally friendly for real catastrophic reasons! See.
  • Chinese know about these reasons but the tradition seems too strong to be overcome. See
  • Not today but last time i asked hub why shark soup is so cheap downstairs, and he said “he’s not real shark soup, it’s chicken with shark flavor”
  • i am going to pass over fin shark soup forever because at the end it’s not my taste either, i was just playing to be brave and/or getting into Chinese culture more.
  • Last weekend i went swimming until the shark net. When i kicked it with the feet the fiber was not that strong, so it’s useless fr sharkey purposes.


Bene volete sapere davvero queste realizzazioni squalose cosa sono? Riderete anche voi di quando il mese scorso sono andata ad un banchetto matrimoniale di un collega e al momento dell’arrivo della “deliziosa zuppa di squalo” della quale normalmente assaggio un paio di cucchiaiate, ho evitato.

  • un collega: perche non la vuoi, non e’ un cibo che rispetta l’ambiente? 
  • me e tutti gli altri: ah ah aha hahh [ho pensato troppo simpatico, un nuovo modo per chiedermi se sono vegetariana]
  • me: no, l’ho gia mangiata ieri a colazione [infatti mio marito l’aveva comprata gia pronta a soli 12 dollari sotto casa]
  • altro collega: wow luxury!
  • grandi risate
  • me: si certo! [questa e’ HK]

Oggi per caso scopro realizzazioni nuove sugli squali (e non solo sugli squali):

  • La zuppa di pinne di squalo non sembra essere amica dell’ambiente per motivi catastrofici. Eccoli.
  • In Cina questo cibo e’ superattaccato alla tradizione. Un esempio qui.
  • la zuppa di 12 dollari e’ di pollo aromatizzato al pesce.
  • l’altra settimana abbiamo nuotato fino a toccare le reti di protezione per gli squali e quando le ho calciate mi sono accorta che non erano poi tanto resistenti.




2 thoughts on “Sharkey realizations ~ Realizzazioni squalose

  1. I love shark fin soup…sorry. But these days most of them are fake ones. Must have been quite a culture shock for you. Lovely pictures you took.

  2. the flavor is good but i can do without it. And also this thing of cutting just the fins of the animal off, it sounds very strange.. The pictures are from 2 different beaches in HK! bye bye Summertime!

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