Flat BREAD with tomato & basil ~ Pane & pomodoro

This is my childhood food which means it’s something i have quite often. It’s perfect for breakfast or as a snack, it’s extremely simple and if  dressed with high quality olive oil it tastes so yummi. Purity of Italian basics! I am making flat bread once a week and freezing 6 pieces for the next days; this recipe from Auntie in Youtube is fantastic, i dont have a pizza stone yet but it turns out just great with that unique homey fragrance!


Cibo d’infanzia di cui non si puo fare  a meno, perche sano e …scritto nei geni! Pane, pomodoro e basilico. Sto facendo il pane al forno con questa ricetta fantastica che richiede la pietra-pizza che non abbiamo, ma il pane viene delizioso lo stesso, vere e proprie ciabattine. Faccio sei palle e poi le congelo per la settimana. 


pane & pomodoro ti adoro = bread & tomato i love u

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2 thoughts on “Flat BREAD with tomato & basil ~ Pane & pomodoro

  1. oh dear, I really love this flatbread. It looks so good. I love home made bread….the smell and taste is jz awesome. Any idea how to make the Lebanese soft flat bread? Really lovely as a wrap. Have been trying to find the recipe for it.

  2. Lebanese soft bread… no, not really. in many countries we hav flat breads, they are all slight variations of each other. i d lov to try making this one too. let’s look up for the recipe!

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