the bitterness of karela – l’amarezza del meloncino rugoso

Finally karela were sold in the market next to the workplace, which is blissfully located in an Hk area where lots of people from India live. Hence lots of Indian veggie goods at the market yaee! Karela is a superbitter melon, with tons of wrinkles (the bitterness is all in here), it’s cute to see, i love its funny shape and presentation, sometimes comes in small size sometimes in bigger. Chinese cuisine also likes to use it in soups. i’ll ask my chinese aunties to tell the way to eliminate the bitterness. Infact despite having marinated it in salt, having peeled most of the wrinkles, having washed and rewahsed it with water and rubbed with salt, some bitterness was still retained in this simple side dish.  

Stir fryed karela with pressed beancurd ~ meloncino rugoso fritto con tofu pressato


Found a version with potatoes which apparently absorb some bitterness and taste cool.

In Italia questo meloncino rugoso, karela, forse si trova negli shop di ingredienti cinesi e indiani. Ricordate: le rughe sono amarissssime. Un metodo (che  a me non e’ riuscito) per eliminare l’amaro e’ di lasciare karela marinare nel sale, sfregare la sua pelle col sale, sciaquare con acqua e di nuovo con sale, varie volte, inoltre eliminare le rughe col pelapatate. Ha proprieta’ rinfrescanti come tutte le verdure della famiglia zuccheverdi. D’estate quindi e’ perfetto.


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