Three veg urban bites ~ tre stuzzichini con tre verdure

So thank you so much to TheKoshyMostafas and Nag’s website directions! It’s really easy to write something on a picture. i dont focus on any copyright issue but assembling a title on a food picture makes it more beautiful and interesting sometimes. Sometimes the pure image is even more fascinating. So it will depend on the art i will want to put into it.

Since this is a real Urban bites foodblog…


  • please enjoy these tomato bites:
  • pin the tomto all around with a theetpick
  • leave in warm oven for 20 min until the skin starts to fall apart
  • slice it
  • spread  vegetables in between the slices
  • stuzzichini di pomodoro:
  • pizzicare con uno stuzzicadenti il pomodoro tutt’intorno
  • lasciarlo in forno caldo per circa 20 min finquando comincia  a spellarsi.
  • tagliarlo a fette medio-spesse
  • farcirlo di altre verdure in crema tra le fette

The spread is a blended mix of mashed nuttey potatoes, grilled aubergines, fresh mint. The whole fusion tasting delicate, I found. And the same spreads filling a couple of deep fryed bites, two wantons:

il mix farcitura: patate in puree +melanzane grigliate+ menta fresca+noce moscata. Un risultato delicato sul nostro palato. infatti e’ andato a farcire anche altri due bites: due wanton.  


But one more bite! the spread was slightly solid the day after from the fridge; hence the result: deep fryed patties coated with oatmeal


Ma ancora un ultimo stuzzichino il giorno dopo, quando la pasta cremosa delle due verdure era semisolida in frigo.  Ottima per realizzare polpettine fritte ricoperte di crusca (mancava il pangrattato) 



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