Pizza half pan brise’ a colazione – Pizza for breakfast


Pizza was our Saturday dinner when i was a dolly cutie (although still papa calls me “dolly” , “bambola”..hehe) in Italy years and years and one more pinch of years ago. Here in Hong Kong the weather is tropical strange so also pizzas are tropical strange because their life is also connected to the environmental temperature, doesn’t it? My pizza from last weekend didnt have a genuine flavour but it was good and we enjoyed it both as crunchy snack in the evening and tasty breakfast on today Tue. Easy topping: creamy blended onion (quickly pre-fryed), tomato to be added at half cooking and cheese at the end.  Nthing else for this version on a pan-brise’ dough. You know pan brise’ is melted butter+flour,but in this case I used about 100gr. butter, 350gr. self raising  four (chinese brand very common here). Started to work the dough and little by little incorporated a glass of boiled water with a spoon of vegetable (corn) oil, which was happening to be just on hand because of this delightful parallel ongoing creation. Reach the consistence of an elastic dough, let it rest in the fridge for 30 min; then roll, garnish and place into pre-warmed oven at 150 degrees for about 40 min.


Una pizza semplicemente infornata con puree di cipolla rossa (velocemente soffritta con sale), poi con aggiunta di pomodori a fette in un secondo momento e di formaggio in un terzo momento della cottura nel forno. La sua pasta e’ per meta’  brise’ (100 gr. burro, 350 di farina) e per meta’ incorporata di acqua bollente con un cucchiaio di olio vegetale; poi in frigo per 30 minuti prima di stenderla e infornarla con le cipolle all’inizio. Adorabile a colazione o come snack durante la giornata. 


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