From side dish to soup ~ Da contorno a zuppa

Sometimes with left overs i make noodle soups the day after. Especially when a bowl of vegetables previously steamed or stir-fried is resting in the fridge all drizzled with oil and spices. It comes automatic for me to convert it in a noodle soup. Hubbie likes them, all the times different and even enriched with new ingredients added during the time  the soup transformation does happen! Like this one for example:


day before: a stir fried mix of wintermelon, broccoli florests, firm tofu, red onion, yellow capsicum, olive oil, salt, fresh lemon juice, dried mint sprinkled at the end.

il giorno prima: ripassati in padella su cipolle rosse come base: melone d’inverno, broccoli, tofu solido, peperone giallo – condimento: olio d’oliva, sale, succo limone, menta essiccata spolverata.


 day after: and soup will be! with addition of tomato slices (let them boil with the water and the noodles) and flat noodles similar to tagliatelle. Spring onioned and fresh oiled up before serving.

il giorno dopo: le stesse verdure avanzate fanno un salto dal frigo ala pentola, con aggiunta di acqua bollita, pomodoro a fettine e spaghetti o tagliatelline, erba cipollina fresca e filo d’olio prima di servire la zuppa in tavola.

E’ il modo per ricreare le verdure avanzate e riposte in una ciotola in frigo: che diventino zuppa! Con l’aggiunta di altro condimento leggero e altre verdure e pasta ottima per un brodo.


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