Eggplant-bacon cream ~ crema di melanzane e pancetta

It was an half baked Sunday meaning that I’ve been baking (and not only) all the morning. But before these creations i want to introduce this smokey flavour cream good for spreading on the bread or filling a pie. Bacon and eggplant work perfectly together, it’s an interesting taste.

  • The cream is made of philadelphia, sliced smoked bacon (half slice is enough for 2 small eggplants), 2 long shaped eggplants, salt and olive oil. Blend them all after having baked the eggplants.

Fast method to bake an eggplant: cut the skin in orizzontal and vertical stripes, massage it fully with olive oil and place in the oven until it’s dark and soft. 

This cream went to assemble 4 different creations:

  • deep fried filling tofu puffs
  • spreding on a toasted slice of bread
  • dressing a pasta (didnt take the pic)
  • filling a pie


See the funny tofu puffs:




Nella sezione snack/spuntini, v’introduco una crema dal sapore fume’ fatta di melanzane arrostite, pancetta, philadelphia, olio d’oliva. L’ho utilizzata per…

  • condire una pasta
  • spalmare sul pane tostato
  • farcire i puff di tofu
  • farcire una tortina di pasta brise’

Prima di frullare tutti gli ingredienti (2 piccole melanzane lunghe, un po di formaggio cremoso, mezza fettina di pancetta fume’….) arrostire le melanzane rapidamente cosi: inciderle in senso verticale e orizzontale, massaggiarle bene con olio d’oliva e metterle al forno finquando diventano scure e soffici.




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