Gelato di Caffe’ & avocado


Just like banana, avocado will give a smooth and creamy texture but no flavour, to your ice cream, only the good fatty properties of the fruit!! With the simplest ice cream making method with blender+freezer I ended up with processing the best ice cream of all my tentatives, even better than the ones done with the huge ice cream maker in the past years. After reading here and there finally assemled the dosages as:

  • 2 glasses liquid whipping cream – bicch. panna liquida
  • 1 glass caffelatte (ready made from Seven eleven) – bicch. caffelatte
  • 1 glass granulated white sugar – bicch. zucchero granulato
  • 1 medium ripe avocado – avocado medio maturo
  • 4 small chunks philadelhia – pezzetti di philadelphia (cubi che stanno su 1 cucchiaino)

come fare: ~1. Bollire il caffelatte, incorporare lo zucchero, poi  i pezzi dell’avocado, girare e far sciogliere lo zucchero, attendere un attimo poi col minipimer ridurre a una crema.  ~2. nel boccale del minipimer (che piu tardi andra’ direttamente al freezer) versare la panna,aggiungervi il composto cremoso, mescolare col minipimer. ~3. aggiungere i pezzi di philadelphia e cotinuare a mescolare. ~4. adagiare il boccale in una pentola con acqua e ghiaccio per abbassare la temperatura, dopo mezzora ricoprire e mettere al freezer. ~5. ogni 40 minuti  per un paio di volte controllare e rimscolare pr liminare i pezzetti di ghiaccio (pochissimi, ho utlizzato il minipimer solo la prima volta di controllo). Dopo 3 ore avrete un gelato cremoso e prelibato!

photosteps to make it:


bring to boil caffelatte, melt sugar in it, add avocado fruit in chunks, wait a moment…blend it all.


useful spatula (sx) & minipimer blender (dx)


pour whipping cream in a jar (i used the one from the blender set, and she’s still sittig in the freezer at home right now)


pour also the creamy coffe compote into the jar, blend, pour the philadelphia chunks and blend again. Now place the container bathing  in iced water to lower the temperature for a while = 30 min


Lid on and ready to go to the freezer directly. This jar is plastic made with a rubber included cap. Come back after about 40 minuts and check out the consistence.   Blend again. Go do some stuff.  Come back again after the same time moreless, maybe you wont need to blend again, like me. I checked up for 2 times. i made it last nite and before going to sleep gave it as a creamy dessert to my husband Jeff served in an Italian tazzina per il caffe (small cup for coffee). Today morning it was looking great, i had a spoon before leaving. This compote is awsome: at any stage you can have it!

finally why i made really coffee ice cream. Because it was Rakhi festival and coffee & gelato is the fav evening treat of my raki brother living few flats away from me. Tonight i am going to surprise him!







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