Tonight fishballs soup

And what fishball! Very first time for me to taste such a freshness. Plain fish meat sold loose at the market. there was also the flavorful version with spring onions and other herbs but i went for the plane white one…and surprise. Excellent plus. And i am not a fishballs lover, tending to discard them tenderly into hub bowl most of the time :D

Lots of ingredients for this soup:

  • Fresh mint leaves – foglie di menta
  • Dry dill – aneto
  • Fresh and fried garlic – aglio
  • Purple cabbage – verza viola
  • Green lettuce – lattuga
  • Fish meat for fishballs – carne pesce per fishballs
  • 4 juicy Cherry tomatoes ( i used a large oval version) – pachino succosi
  • tofu puffs
  • red onion, coarse salt, olive oil
  • udon

It takes about 20 minuts to prepare this mintey delcious dish. It reminds me of Vietnamese fantastic meals where mint and lettuce are always present.

  1. Briskly stir fry garlic and onion, then add halved tomatos. (5 min)
  2. After few minuts add little hot water, stir and add more. (2 min)
  3. Drop the veggies coarsly sliced. Let them cook for a long while. (10 min)
  4. At the end add noodles and dullops of fish meat, and dill finally. (8 min)

E N J O Y    IT !

As side dish i complemented this quick dinner with garlickey red cabbage & broccoli stir fried. Also very tasty.

white & green soup ~ zuppa bianca verde

This is soo deli, you should try it, literally mouthlicking with… mpppa (~~~> sweet mouth sound of satisfaction after eating).

Boil spaghetti and when they re tender start adding other ingredients: chunks of scallion, pak choy leaves in stripes, half zucchino in stripes, paprika, a pinch of dill. Then fish soup and a dash of whipped cream. Let the greens become tender and serve it hot topped with fresh spring onion sprinkled.

Vi innamorerete di questa zuppa cosi semplice e gustosa. Poche verdure fresche e qualche spezia, spaghetti et voila! Come si fa: Bollite gli spaghi e quando sono teneri nella stessa acqua di cottura aggiungete a mano a mano pak choy in striscette,  mezza zucchina in strisce, paprika, un pizzico di aneto. Poi salsa di pesce (fish sauce dal thai shop), un po di crema da cucina per dare il colore bianco. Quando le verdure sono tenere, servire calda con erba cipollina fresca in cima.

Let’s celebrate with it Presto Pasta Nights #152 the 3 years old event hosted now by Italian mama chef and created by Ruth. Enjoy it ladies :)

Chinese spinach in almond butter soup

the easy soup with a vegan soul to warm up and ironize your body. To soften and nourish your skin with the purity of the almonds.

  • Wash the chinese spinach and roughly cut them.
  • Golden up a mince of ginger and garlic in vegetable oil
  • Spoon in a nice quantity of crunchy  almond butter
  • Stir, add few cherry tomatoes and the spices yu like most
  • add boiled water
  • stir and check it out until vegetable is tender
  • serve warm~

Going to the new mounthy mingle created by Meeta in Deutschland~

Dopo aver dorato aglio e zenzero nell olio aggiungere un bel cucchiaio di croccante burro di mandorle, quindi gli spinaci e le spezie che vi piacciono. Girare ed aggungere acqua bolente. Attendere fin quando gli spinaci sono teneri e la zuppa formata. servire calda~

Red Soup of the day ~ Zuppa rossa del giorno

A simple soup to discover the association between lentils and beetroot…simply tasty. Try it! Very good to strenghten the heart, it comes infact in its very similar nuance color.

  1. Stir steamed Lentils and Beetroot in garlickey olive oil
  2. add cilantro in powder, salt
  3. puree most of the mixture
  4. enjoy it warm

Una semplice zuppa per scoprire la combinazione lenticchie / barbabietola…semplicemente gustosa. Provate! Ottima per rinforzare il cuore di cui ha il colore molto simile.

  1. Insaporire lenticchie e barbabietola, precedentemente cotte al vapore, in olio d’oliva e aglio.
  2. aggiungere cilantro in polvere
  3. frullare gran parte della mixtura
  4. godersi la zuppa calda


Going to Hawaii at  created by Debi ~

Spaghetti soup with loofa, hugebeans & unripe papaya~zuppa di spaghi con loofa, enormi fagioli & papaya acerba

The shopping bag today is filled with a couple of special veg: loofa and this genre of beans which i saw for the first time ever (= this is Hong Kong, you come home with something …that you dont know):


Contempling the three vegetables for a while and voila’ the soup was creating immediately after.


how to make it:

Wait for a spoon of mustard seeds to splatter up in a couple of spoons of corn oil with grounded fresh garlic and ginger, then add the three veggies in chunks, stir and let them cook until tender. Add boiled water, salt and spaghetti, let the pasta cook until tenderness desired. Serve the soup topped with cilantro and sesame oil.


 Una zuppa creativa assemblata con le prime tre verdure capitate  a tiro!!

Dorare aglio e zenzero grattugiati in un paio di cucchiai di olio e far scoppiare una manciata di semi di mostarda. Aggiungere le verdure a pezzetti e mescolare fin quando sono abbastanza tenere. Versare acqua bollente, sale e gli spaghetti. Farli cuocere e servire infine la zuppa con un cucchiaio di olio di sesamo e coriandolo fresco.


This is going to Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Abby of Eat The Right Stuff.