Fusilli vegetarians al wok

Onions are the best and they keep all the boothish and annoying stuff away from your sight and your body ~ So beware. Onions are  a must and you ll never miss them wherever you live at the shop or at the market.  For example a simple onion chutney can be served with anykind of flabread like these paranthas or you can save it in the fridge for few days and make late use for other pasta  or meat dishes.

But you see, onions are too  important from our health, our any-life-syle deserves onion every week or even every day. You dont like them raw? Doesnt matter, make a puree or  a chutney like in this case and use is as background for other infusion of flavors. Onions should not be forgot. They are anti bacterial and antiseptic, they keep you fresh and clean from inside, it s a precious ingredient.  

Fusilli vegetarians al wok are soo tasty and fresh, a puree of baked eggplant plus half raw onion will give them a dark sauced color. Then boiled and dry  veggies and cubed feta cheese willcomplete the sublime dish. It’s got an impressive taste ~ 

method & ingredients

  1. 1 baked eggplant
  2. half cut medium onion
  3. chili,cilantro, olive oil
  4. process and puree all these above. Then sautee the puree with little water in a wok, stir nd and put to rest. Boil fusilli apart in the meantime.
  5. a whole zucchino boiled togheter with the fusilli, in the same water. When it s soft drain and cut it completely in half moons. Add here few dried sunrise tomatoes and feta cheese in chunks. When pasta is drained and ready stir it in teh wok with all the ingredients you have.

Serve it still hot smoking from the wok directly onto the table…Enjoy it dear foodie~reader…it goes to the feast Weekend wokking  n.22 hosted by Kits Chow  in wonderful Kitsilano Vancouver which i visited in Xmas and loved it too much. Lots of greetings Kit & Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Le cipolle essendo antibatteriche & antisettiche mantengono alla larga tutte le sostanze bootish dal nostro organismo fisico e spirituale, quindi non dovrebbero mai mancare. Se non piacciono crude allora possono diventare una base di sfondo per altri piatti di pasta o carne. Come ques fusilli al wok che prendono il  colore marrone dal puree di una melanzana arrostita e mezza cipolla cruda. 

ingredienti e metodo:

  1. bucare 1 melanzana e infornarla fino a che diveta scura e tenera
  2. mezza cipolla a pezzetti
  3. cilantro, chili, olio
  4. Fare un puree degli ingredienti in alto e poi ripassarlo al wok con un filo d’acqua, spegnere la fiamma. Intanto bollire i fusilli in acqua con una zucchina intera che quando si ammorbidisce si fa a parte a mezze rondelle. Preparare alcuni pomodori secchi sottolio e della feta a cubetti
  5. Scolare i fusilli e mescolarli nel wok con tutti gli ingredienti a disposizione. Servire la pasta fumante…


white & green soup ~ zuppa bianca verde

This is soo deli, you should try it, literally mouthlicking with… mpppa (~~~> sweet mouth sound of satisfaction after eating).

Boil spaghetti and when they re tender start adding other ingredients: chunks of scallion, pak choy leaves in stripes, half zucchino in stripes, paprika, a pinch of dill. Then fish soup and a dash of whipped cream. Let the greens become tender and serve it hot topped with fresh spring onion sprinkled.

Vi innamorerete di questa zuppa cosi semplice e gustosa. Poche verdure fresche e qualche spezia, spaghetti et voila! Come si fa: Bollite gli spaghi e quando sono teneri nella stessa acqua di cottura aggiungete a mano a mano pak choy in striscette,  mezza zucchina in strisce, paprika, un pizzico di aneto. Poi salsa di pesce (fish sauce dal thai shop), un po di crema da cucina per dare il colore bianco. Quando le verdure sono tenere, servire calda con erba cipollina fresca in cima.

Let’s celebrate with it Presto Pasta Nights #152 the 3 years old event hosted now by Italian mama chef and created by Ruth. Enjoy it ladies :)

Chinese spinach in almond butter soup

the easy soup with a vegan soul to warm up and ironize your body. To soften and nourish your skin with the purity of the almonds.

  • Wash the chinese spinach and roughly cut them.
  • Golden up a mince of ginger and garlic in vegetable oil
  • Spoon in a nice quantity of crunchy  almond butter
  • Stir, add few cherry tomatoes and the spices yu like most
  • add boiled water
  • stir and check it out until vegetable is tender
  • serve warm~

Going to the new mounthy mingle created by Meeta in Deutschland~

Dopo aver dorato aglio e zenzero nell olio aggiungere un bel cucchiaio di croccante burro di mandorle, quindi gli spinaci e le spezie che vi piacciono. Girare ed aggungere acqua bolente. Attendere fin quando gli spinaci sono teneri e la zuppa formata. servire calda~

Green tea noodles soup with apple ~ Noodle al te verde in zuppa con mela

Lovely soup, totally worth to try, indicated also for a special evening occasion when the temperature outside drops a little bit ~ Enjoy it !


  • chicken legs thinly sliced pieces
  • handfull of chinese spinach
  • 1 big chinese mushroom
  • green tea organic noodles
  • 1 red apple in small cubes, no skin
  • haldi
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • alot of minced ginger nd garlic
  • small stone of honey rock (replace with honey)
  • olive oil,  2 spoons

Some of these ingredients are not easily collectable everywhere (but can be replaced naturally). For example :

HOW TO DO: In olive oil stir the minced ginger nd garlic, add the chicken and later the veggies, finally all the spices and everything else. Stir and add a couple of liters of boiling water.  Should boil on low medium flame at least half our, add the noodles until they soften. Serve the delicious soup. Green tea noodles are very tasty and lucky lucky who can try them. The apple will not give a decisive flavour overall but the mouthfuls with the fruit in it are just lovely to the palate; it is the right fruit for this soup combination ~

Cooked for the event Weekend wokking hosted by Momgateway and created by Wandering chopsticks~

Try this soup Kristy and thank you for the creative award, your blog makes me smile a lot and it’s a real blog of sweetness:

the 7 random things about radha coming with  the award:

  • she is wearing red cat frame glasses
  • she enjoys writing stuff for freemeditation
  • she lives in front of the sea
  • she makes silver earrings
  • she loves Penang in Malaysia
  • she enjoys looking at the sky and photograph it

the award keeps rolling around to other 7 bloggers with a seriously creative site:  Graziana, Meeta, Mary, Zlamushka, Vaishali, you and you. :-)

                                                                ~ ! ~

noodle al te verde sono la scoperta piu nuova. Ottimi e digeribili semplicemente bolliti per i bambini che cominciano a mettere i dentini e vogliono cominciare  a masticare qualcosa di delizioso, sobrio e nutriente al contempo. In questa ricetta accompanati da:

  • straccetti di pollo
  • spinaci
  • un grosso fungo
  • pesto di aglio e zenzero
  • curcuma 1 pizzico
  • 1 mela a cubetti (no buccia)
  • pepe,sale,olio

COME FARE: Partire con il pesto in olio,poi aggiungere in ordine pollo, spinaci, fungo a pezzetti, le spezie…far insaporire e girare col mestolo, versare un paiod i litri di acqua che bolle, far cuocere per almeno 20 minuti, poi aggiungere i noodles finquando sono morbidi. Servire la zuppa calda :-)


Monthly mingle ~ Brunch


Simple stickey rice croquettes with fresh chives are easy to prepare and perfect complement with any other food in a  brunch banquet. This is why this entry for …


the event created by just discovered Meeta from Germany (via Erbe in cucina! thank you Graziana!)

how to make them? nothing simpler: have a bowl of sticky rice, mix it with 2 spoons of mize pulp and fresh chive; prepare and golden the patties on both sides in very little olive oil on antiadherent surface, sprinkle with salt (in this case a very special natural salt was used: red one from Bolivia).

Have fun & Happy brunching all !

p.s. i adore brunching and find lots of similarities with dimsum too~


Udon, Chinese mushrooms & chicken cantonese


A quick delicious dinner with the properties of the rice, white meat, a vegetable backed by a couple of Indian spices. The chicken was preroasted  with cantonese method (see recipe at the bottom of this other post), then sliced and stir fried together with sliced Chinese meaty mushrooms, crashed anacards, a dash of cardamom and blackpepper, red onion. Dress the drained soft udon with this blend of flavors, squeeze little lime before serving. Chinese mushrooms have a strong special taste and they make this simple dish real flavorful, rich and unique. Not only: the chicken, previously cooked, even a left over from 2 days, like in my case, brings character thru grilled aromas of soy sauce and brown sugar in the back.


This meal is going to Presto Pasta Nights 136 hosetd by Girlichef and created by Ruth !~!

Questo piatto comfort che incrocia udon giapponesi e funghi corposi cinesi e’ facile e veloce, soprattutto se come me avete una coscia di pollo arrostita avanzata e volete utilizzarla in qualche piatto creativo e gustoso. Eccolo: In due cucchiai di olio soffriggere cipolla, pizzichi di cardamomo e pepe nero,  aggiungere il pollo, i funghi a pezzetti e anacardi spezzettati. Far amalgamare bene questi ingredienti, poi direttamente versarli su un piatto di udon scolati. Spruzzate anche qualche goccia di lime e servite.

Potato&Avocado ~ Patate&Avocado

A side dish very simple nd nutritive for your liver and skin. The liver is the center of out attention, people and children with disturbed attention do not know how to take care of the nourishment for their liver. Nowaday it is ver very difficult to find people with a steady wonderful pure attention because in the modern society there is too much chaos and people get easily distracted by unuseless stuff. that is how the liver suffer and the brain suffer. Infact as we all know the liver is the only important organ which supports the brain with the needed food. I’ll post more about the liver and how to love it properly.

Steamed potato and fresh sliced avocado dressed with a pinch of salt and a Spoon olive oil makes this:


un contorno semplice e nutritivo per il fegato e la pelle. Il fegato gioca un ruolo basilare nellanostra attenzione perche e’ il centro dell’attenzione. Le persone e i bambini con un attenzione disturbata non sanno come amare il proprio fegato col giusto nutrimento. Al giorno d’oggi ci sono troppe distrazioni intorno ed e’ superdifficile trovare persone con un attenzione sana, equilibrata, squisita, ferma e solida. seguiranno altri post sul fegato e come prendersene cura.

una patata al vapore, un avocado fresco a fettine, un pizzico di sale e olio d’oliva per il contorno delizioso. 

this is going to Souper_Sundays2 at Debi in Hawai